A spacious and tastefully designed studio that maintains the beauty of its Georgian origins. There's plenty of room for clients making it the perfect place to mix and present both commercial and longform work.

Studio One

studio two

Our recently iAcoustic Designed 5.1 Surround room. Studio Two's amazing acoustics make it ideal for feature mixing. The larger booth is also perfect for ADR recording.

Studio Two

studio three

A cool calm space that facilitates sound editing and premixing for our longform projects.

Studio Three
To Be Announced!

To Be Announced!

Raygun have a big announcement coming soon!


dean jones

Dean Jones is a multi-award winning sound engineer with over 15 years post production experience. As Head of Audio Dean oversees all aspects of Raygun's audio facilities, and his enthusiasm ensures that his team consistently produce content to the highest standards.

As one of Dublin's most accomplished sound engineers, Dean has worked on numerous high profile and award winning commercial campaigns including Guinness, Three Mobile, Virgin, Bank of Ireland and Tesco to name a small few. He most recently picked up an ICAD award for sound on a campaign for ISPCC. In addition to his commercial work, he has built a solid reputation for mixing TV content such as Dancing with the Stars, The Voice of Ireland, Masterchef, The Apprentice, and Love/Hate.

Dean recently mixed the award winning feature documentary Mattress Men, and received an IFTA award for his work on Deoch an Dorais. He has also mixed dramas for international clients including BBC, ITV, SYFY and the Hallmark Channel.


colm o’rourke

A proficient Pro Tools engineer and talented musician, Colm brings a diversity of talents to Raygun. Brands such as Eason, Facebook, Opel and Three Ireland have all availed of Colm's skills. Colm has also worked on TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars (Shinawil), The Great Guide to the Future (Tile Films) whilst also mixing shows like We Need to talk about Dad (Waka TV) and Rural Addiction (Midas Productions). He has recently picked up an IFTA award for his work on Deoch an Dorais (Magamedia).

Colm relishes the opportunity to work on animation and recently worked on projects like Zig and Zag (Double Z) and The Lost Letter (Dream Logic) the latter of which received a commendation at the Kinsale Shark Awards.

raygun sound

Raygun's Sound Department consists of three Pro Tools suites crewed by a dynamic and passionate trio of multi-skilled audio professionals. Our audio team have extensive experience of all aspects of post-production sound; from feature films and documentaries, to TV commercials, animation, TV programming, radio commercials, digital content, and much much more.

At Raygun we understand that a relaxed and enjoyable working environment is essential to the creative experience. Dean, Tim and Colm have solid reputations for not only getting the job done, but getting it done in an enjoyable and relaxed manner.

raygun news

news - straight from the barrel of a rayed gun
August 2018



Here's our 2018 showreel featuring a colorful mix of new work and some old favourites.