Raygun is a boutique post production house located in the heart of Dublin. We are a collective of creative audio engineers, motion graphics artists and talented editors who specialise in commercial campaigns, documentaries, features and digital content.

This new facility is headed up by the partnership of Jess Felton and Dean Jones, both well known in the industry for their expertise and creativity.

Raygun offers a complete in-house post production service: offline, online, grading and audio, as well as motion graphics and VFX.

We'd be delighted to talk you about any or all aspects of your post requirements, or just pop in for a poke around, a bit of wifi and a cup of very fine coffee.

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January 2016



We were charged with the task of bringing the lovely concept of Anne Fleming to life in a short animation explaining the transition year programme in the Bar of Ireland. We were asked to design and animate the characters and were given free reign. The team of Andrea Arice and Pat Fox threw themselves at it and came up trumps. We also then got to go crazy on the audio, the talented Dean collared most of the staff at Raygun to lend their voices to the characters. .