Raygun's color grading software of choice is Autodesk's Lustre - the industry's most advanced color grading tool. Autodesk Lustre’s track record in commercial and feature colour design is second to none, and its interoperability with Flame 2016 allows for projects to seamlessly transition between the grading, effects, and finishing processes.

We believe that the future of grading involves heavy use of compositing in addition to traditional colour-correction. Our colorist, Rory Gavin, has a strong background in compositing and blends VFX and color-correction in every session.

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March 2016

Zig and Zag and Raygun!


Raygun is very proud to have provided full audio post on the much anticipated new Zig and Zag animation series.

The awesome Tim O'Donovan, Eoghan McDonnell, Colm O'Rourke and Dean Jones were also on the sound team - this couldn't have happened without them.

Not to mention the very talented Jonathan Casey who composed all the zogtastic music, along with Fergal Davis who did some deadly songs and some bloke called Ricky from the Kaiser Chiefs who did the theme tune.

And how could we forget all the cool voice actors who brought their talents to this show, and who Tim had the real pleasure of recording in Raygun: Tara Flynn, Paul Tylak, Sam McGovern, Inel Tomlinson, Debra Stephenson and Lisa Garvey and of course, the brothers Zogly.

Who knew Zig and Zag love scones with mackerel on.